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Floor Marking Tape (Case Price $18.50 per roll)


2" Wide X 108 Foot Roll - Red W/ Black Print - Perforated Vinyl Tape to mark your floors for customer and staff social distancing.


This tape is over 100’ and 50 impressions a roll.  Competitive products go for SO much more than this.  We printed it in bulk here in the USA and able to offer it for a low cost in an effort to help out businesses with keeping customers socially distanced to protect each other from this pandemic.  This is a vinyl tape designed to work well on most floors.  In bright red with black letters, in both English and Spanish: “Please Wait Here” it is the perfect tape for any store opening up.  One roll of 50 impressions should help most stores with their needs. 


For chains, buy a case to save money and distribute to your stores will save you a bundle on social distance marking.



1 Roll $35

2 Rolls $30 Per

6 Rolls $25 Per

11 Rolls: $23 Per

36 Rolls Per Case $18.50 Per